Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poetry for a change

I'm awful at updating this. I know, but the big problems are massive procrastination and lots of homework... bad combination. I have some poetry I did for school and some on the side. I'll post the ones I liked.

Also, lately I've been jumping around with novel-esque concepts. 2 months ago it was Blood, now I'm thinking about Craft. To sum up Craft quickly: I wondered about the majority of Fantasy stories, there's always the old, who set all the stones, planned everything, made everything. What Craft is, is about a human who reaches this apotheosis (great word, look it up), the problem? He's human.

I'm getting really exited about Craft, hopefully I'll get the proper time this round.

To match my issues of procrastination, I present to you:

Procrastination Aerobatics

So here I am,
Acting like I don't give a damn,
About doing my work,
But I'm really going berserk.
I get easily distracted,
but not really impacted
about whats new here,
and whats new there.
I have these tactics,
That are filled with procrastination aerobatics.
I would drop them in a second,
But they're a force to be reckoned.
I'm an idiot, a fool, wasting relevant time,
With a hill getting steeper, covering with slime.
I always hope,
That I will cope,
And see what's on top of that hill.

I dont have much to say about this one, it didn't turn out as good as I wanted.

Fire Damage

The floor is a mess,
and the rest is no guess.

Her windows are broken,
and left wide open.

Her name Sarina Ramage,
And her home has fire damage.

Every scrap of cloth,
Has no doubt, met a moth.

All is left, is the stunning facade,
With a classic white picket fence,
Which is the only honesty, in a sense.

Here's my favorite one... and it's in french :P. I hope you can read french well. Also, I tried translating it quickly using Google, it just sounds like masturbation, so... french, read it in french.

Le Marée

Lorsque la marée monte,
Et je suis inondée de l'eau,
Je ferme mes yeux.

J'ai une sense de paix,
Avec plaisir.
Tous est parfait,
Avec plaisir.

Je suis levé.
Je suis caressé.
Je suis adoré.
Je me perds.
Je m'échappe.
Je m'oubli.

Tous est parfait,
Sans savoir.
J'ai une sense de paix,
Sans savoir.

Jusqu'à ce que la mer se retire à nouveau,
Et je touche la terre.
Je me leve,
Toujours espérant que la marée va me revoir demain.

I almost forgot, I went crazy with nostalgia tonight, which is probably why I can't sleep right now...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

The name was decided when I made the concept, so it stayed that way. Anyways, plot changed as it went. Enjoy! Comment please! And yeah, its short, I know. (1418 words)

Yellow Brick Road
Robert Moulds

I think its Thursday, I worked a few days since the weekend, so that sounds right. Actually my birthday was… eight days ago and that was Tuesday, so today is Wednesday, Wednesday sounds right. I’m not even sure why I’m here. I’m contemplating what day of the week it is, at about… 1:27 in the morning while walking through downtown. Actually, I guess it’s Thursday. Stunned by my inspiring revelation, I stuffed my hands in my pockets and continued down the street.

Oh, its that thing. I nearly forgot about my wonderful present I got eight days ago. While at work, and minding my own business in my stuffed cubicle, I got cornered by 3 co-workers, Alice, Shawn and… that other guy, that I cant ever seem to remember his name. After pulling out paper party hats and a cupcake with an unlit candle sticking out of it, they insisted they ask what day it was today. I stared at them. They shouted like they were on Zoloft, it’s your birthday! These guys should apply for Sesame Street, not that other guy though, he just laughs when people say bad jokes. They handed me their taped up brown paper bag. The damn thing said "To Lenord", maybe they shouldn’t apply. They probably wrote this five minutes ago with white board marker, while in the back room after checking the calendar on Facebook. Maybe Shawn wrote it, since his name is also spelled wrong. I ripped the thing open and found a fitting gift, a Rubix Cube, generic and confusing, much like me.

I start flipping away at it, starting with the white blocks, almost walking like I’m drunk. Hmm… white dress shirt, black tie, distracted by a Rubix Cube, I’ll probably get mugged in a few minutes. I keep flipping away regardless, a villain makes every story more interesting anyways. Five white blocks so far. Right on cue, someone in a hoodie in the stereotypical fashion is walking in my direction. I thought it was funny at first but then I slowed down. He’s probably going to pull out a knife, so I pull out my phone. I even think of which direction would be best to run. He glances at me and continues on his way as he passes, his earbuds almost as loud as my heart. Shit, that was close. He probably thought my phone was a tazer from the way I was holding it and decided he didn’t want to get hurt. Wow, I didn’t know I could do that!

After watching him turn the corner, I slid away from the wall and picked up my Rubix Cube and started running. Two blocks down and panting. I check on the damn thing and its is still in one piece, just a dent on the corner. It didn’t take me long to finish the white side. I wonder, do I stick with one side complete or go for two? I go for two, I’ve stuck with one side for too long anyways, and I still haven’t finished the puzzle. Too bad when you want more, you’ve got to risk what you’ve got already and even when you try, you’re not even sure what its going to look like when you’re there or where to go from it.

Now I have a yellow side, not sure where my white side went though. Now I’m crossing a bridge apparently. I watch two cars zip by, one with a 2 kool vanity plate. There’s somebody else crossing the bridge, she’s dressed like she’s going to work. It’s 1:36 AM, maybe I’ll tell her the time and she’ll be impressed that she didn’t need to ask, no that doesn’t work. She does look stressed though, I’ll smile at her. People always smile back and look happier since when I was a kid.
She thinks I’m retarded.

Walking by houses now. Might as well try for blue now. Every one of these has people sleeping in them, waiting for the morning march and evening gladiators. These dollhouses have 1.6 children, a man and a woman in each one. I’ll probably become one in my 30s, I cant wait. I’ll even have my first child named Leonard the second, he’ll be normal and have As and Bs. When we go for another, he’ll be missing his legs cause he’s just 0.6 of a child, the poor kid will be named Lenord. I snort at the idea. I take my future like a joke, I am such a statistic.
Without even bothering looking away from my precious… cube, I turn at 8th, I think its 8th. There’s somebody walking down this way. I look at her, she’s a cute brunette. Oh no, I don’t want her to look at me like the other girl, I just can’t take two rejections like that in one night. I play with the cube, going for green. I just can’t help it, I look up again. Wait, what? She’s smiling at me. What do I do? What do I say? Do I say anything? Is she going to say something? I wish she’ll say something. That’s a cute smile. Oh crap, I can’t say anything. I past her, damn it! Maybe if I wasn’t holding this piece of junky cube, I wouldn’t have been distracted. I look over my shoulder, she’s not looking back at me. That because she walking the other way, idiot! Okay, here’s a plan, if I finish the green side, I go say hi to her, if I don’t, I don’t. I’ve got… 3 green pieces. Oh no, I can’t finish it. I flip it a bit and… now I have 2 pieces, crap.

Forget it! I remember how many times I’ve promised myself these things, motivational? More like counter motivational, haha, I’m funny. I want to do something, so I base it on something unrelated and pointless? It’s fancy procrastination. Inaction, its generic. I hate that word, generic, its too true to consider. Oh boy, I procrastinated about procrastination there. I pivoted making a real loud scratch noise, about time I change my direction. I’m not even thinking about it, I just have this great idea, I’m going to talk to her. I can’t wait and I’m almost sprinting there. How am I going to explain this? Oh, hey! I just realized I was going the wrong way! No that’s dumb… wait, did I just say that to her? I didn’t.

- Now that’s a first, almost laughing. I’m just going for a walk, you can tag along if you want, Mr. Stranger, but you can’t follow me home.

- Sounds fair. Did that just happen? I’m Leonard, Leonard Stokes. Did I just shake her hand? I just shook her hand. Well, I’m Amy, just Amy.

Say something, I didn’t say something, we’re not saying anything. She saved it by asked about the cube I was holding. I handed it to her, we both agreed that who ever can beat it without cheating would instantly learn the meaning of life. She asked me what I was doing out so late, after checking my watch, I learned that it was still 1:36. I told her I was thinking, and couldn’t stop, that I didn’t bother going home. I couldn’t stop smiling when I was looking at her. We kept chatting about every little thing that bugs us. We agreed to meet again today after the hour of designated eating or after lunch around here. My legs almost zombified, already hobbling home, I ask her what day it is. It’s Saturday.

I thanked her and started walking away, but I didn't care anymore about what day it was, I finally felt happy with what I have. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like this, I guess I’ve forgotten that living the same life as everyone else isn’t that bad, just as long as I find something I love.

It took me a paragraph of thought to realize that I loved her. Like an idiot I start jumping, skipping along the sidewalk, on my way to home, which is that way.

And that’s when I got hit by the car. My watch at 1:36, started ticking again and the cursed cube landed in one piece, with but one side complete.


My eyes open but a crack, through the overwhelming light, the red attracted my sight. There was some thing written on it, all I could read was Amy. I smiled back.