Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poetry for a change

I'm awful at updating this. I know, but the big problems are massive procrastination and lots of homework... bad combination. I have some poetry I did for school and some on the side. I'll post the ones I liked.

Also, lately I've been jumping around with novel-esque concepts. 2 months ago it was Blood, now I'm thinking about Craft. To sum up Craft quickly: I wondered about the majority of Fantasy stories, there's always the old, who set all the stones, planned everything, made everything. What Craft is, is about a human who reaches this apotheosis (great word, look it up), the problem? He's human.

I'm getting really exited about Craft, hopefully I'll get the proper time this round.

To match my issues of procrastination, I present to you:

Procrastination Aerobatics

So here I am,
Acting like I don't give a damn,
About doing my work,
But I'm really going berserk.
I get easily distracted,
but not really impacted
about whats new here,
and whats new there.
I have these tactics,
That are filled with procrastination aerobatics.
I would drop them in a second,
But they're a force to be reckoned.
I'm an idiot, a fool, wasting relevant time,
With a hill getting steeper, covering with slime.
I always hope,
That I will cope,
And see what's on top of that hill.

I dont have much to say about this one, it didn't turn out as good as I wanted.

Fire Damage

The floor is a mess,
and the rest is no guess.

Her windows are broken,
and left wide open.

Her name Sarina Ramage,
And her home has fire damage.

Every scrap of cloth,
Has no doubt, met a moth.

All is left, is the stunning facade,
With a classic white picket fence,
Which is the only honesty, in a sense.

Here's my favorite one... and it's in french :P. I hope you can read french well. Also, I tried translating it quickly using Google, it just sounds like masturbation, so... french, read it in french.

Le Marée

Lorsque la marée monte,
Et je suis inondée de l'eau,
Je ferme mes yeux.

J'ai une sense de paix,
Avec plaisir.
Tous est parfait,
Avec plaisir.

Je suis levé.
Je suis caressé.
Je suis adoré.
Je me perds.
Je m'échappe.
Je m'oubli.

Tous est parfait,
Sans savoir.
J'ai une sense de paix,
Sans savoir.

Jusqu'à ce que la mer se retire à nouveau,
Et je touche la terre.
Je me leve,
Toujours espérant que la marée va me revoir demain.

I almost forgot, I went crazy with nostalgia tonight, which is probably why I can't sleep right now...

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  1. OMG A REBOOT MOVIE!?!??!! WOOT! I think your dad and my mom's cousin, or something, works for Rainmaker.

    The french poem was by far my favourite, oddly. The other two were good but that one seemed like it had a lot more heart in it I think. I'll stop the cheesiness now:P.

    That'd be cool if you started a novel. I've always wanted to write a graphic novel but I've never thought about it that seriously. Btw, where are you going to school next year?

    Speaking of fantasy novels, have you read the Song of Ice and Fire Series? I'm reading the first book, A Game of Thrones, and it's amazing o.O!