Monday, September 28, 2009


Got some writing done on my free time. Its still short, but its getting longer while still keeping it rich. I'll be trying again to write another that's even longer, while keeping it rich and on topic. Tell me what you think, anything I missed? (I know I skipped some senses, they're hard to fit in)
I warn you, this one might spook you.


My arm grew numb as I fell to the ground. Lifting myself up once again, I kept myself away from the window and the approaching men outside. I leaned against the brick wall using my left arm while observing the newly shattered glass that lay near my feet. Bugs crawled against my side down to my hips. I hadn’t seen my own blood for so long, I hardly realized that it was mine. As I turned my head to see it, my shirt painted itself white to red. My legs gave way as I watched my life pour from my shoulder. The two suited men walked in the doorway from across the darkening room, staring. They will take me with them, whether I wanted to die or not.

This thing gave me shivers when I wrote it. Did it do the same to you?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Short Bit of Writing in Writing Class

A small update for the time that I don't expect to update too often.

Commercial Drive in the Snow

An oil flavored slushie was quickly mixed by a passing car, as it was spit on to his face. A fresh, hot lunch swimming with gravy was what he was after, but instead he got the drive-by special. Clouds grew from his face as the cold bit in to his side. His arms disappeared in to his jacket as he took refuge in the nearest thrift store. T'is the season to stay inside.

Short, but my friends like it and commented nicely, I figure its worthy to post...

I love descriptive writing, I hope i find the time to get some good stuff out later this week, I'll post should it happen.

I'm waiting to sharpen my skills before I start working on Shade (my novel attempt) (read previous entries in case you dont know what i'm talking about... If i didn't give a name, thats the name)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here's the material I promised, tell me what you think!

Behind The Black Hole

47 years it took to build. It looks like a pin, but truthfully, its size would convince you it dwarfs planets. The length of the immense device would be immeasurable, since the tip is immensely thin, it is invisible but to a microscopic level. Reamblade they call it, as it pierces reality, or as the optimistic scientists say “it opens the door”. Smooth as it is, touching it would give no feeling as it has no faults. Only ice could compare as it robs your flesh of life with its searing cold. To me it resembles Death, so cold, so subtle, so fearful. I am the captain to take this vessel through the rift soon to be born, and it is my duty to lead mankind to the new frontier. The perfectly straight but devious spear moved forward. A view from the side would show it disappearing as if it moved behind a wall we could not see, while it tore a hole large enough for us to pass through. As we passed, darkness took everything. Death came and we were born again into another plane of existence seemingly identical to the other. Was my pessimism incorrect? As sight returned to us, I looked back to where we came and saw nothing, not even the stars. We created a rift, a hole, a vicious black hole, destroyer of everything. We stood in fear as warnings screamed at us. Like a greedy child, it wanted us back as it pulled us to oblivion. We watched nearby stars crumble and veer into nothing, like a last meal, we watched and cried for our sin.

I wrote this for a basic English class assignment, completely blew the expectations, I think I got 12/10 on that one.

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Starting a Blog

This Blog is meant to keep track of my Writing skills and have some input from you guys. I thought about making a blog, but thanks to my cousin, I know what to write about, my writing. I hope you enjoy my work, I love writing this stuff.

I'm an aspiring Novelist, my latest attempt which is in it's final steps of planning, is a Urban Fantasy splice with some Sci-Fi, strange i know, but you should see my plans. I cant publish my plans, that's spoiler, but I'm planning on getting a simple description of it out here.

I used to be a shitty writer that didn't know better until I was shown how to do it properly by a reasonably successful Author, Diane Tullson. She showed me a book that she reviewed often, "The Craft of Writing" by William Sloane. It seems like a normal get better at writing book, but this book was made from the notes of William Sloane, a tough editor who passed away about 25 years ago. Supprisingly there was a single copy in my school library and not one in the VPL. It was also an early print and wasn't taken out since I was born. After reading this book, then reading my previous writing, I tossed the crap I wrote before and started writing anew. I went through 2 attempts until I found something that worked, that is what I'm working on right now.

I only write through leisure and cant seem to write well during the day... yet. I've been working on breaking that cycle and altogether writing more. I have some examples to show, but I'll post them tomorrow.