Monday, September 21, 2009

Short Bit of Writing in Writing Class

A small update for the time that I don't expect to update too often.

Commercial Drive in the Snow

An oil flavored slushie was quickly mixed by a passing car, as it was spit on to his face. A fresh, hot lunch swimming with gravy was what he was after, but instead he got the drive-by special. Clouds grew from his face as the cold bit in to his side. His arms disappeared in to his jacket as he took refuge in the nearest thrift store. T'is the season to stay inside.

Short, but my friends like it and commented nicely, I figure its worthy to post...

I love descriptive writing, I hope i find the time to get some good stuff out later this week, I'll post should it happen.

I'm waiting to sharpen my skills before I start working on Shade (my novel attempt) (read previous entries in case you dont know what i'm talking about... If i didn't give a name, thats the name)