Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Starting a Blog

This Blog is meant to keep track of my Writing skills and have some input from you guys. I thought about making a blog, but thanks to my cousin, I know what to write about, my writing. I hope you enjoy my work, I love writing this stuff.

I'm an aspiring Novelist, my latest attempt which is in it's final steps of planning, is a Urban Fantasy splice with some Sci-Fi, strange i know, but you should see my plans. I cant publish my plans, that's spoiler, but I'm planning on getting a simple description of it out here.

I used to be a shitty writer that didn't know better until I was shown how to do it properly by a reasonably successful Author, Diane Tullson. She showed me a book that she reviewed often, "The Craft of Writing" by William Sloane. It seems like a normal get better at writing book, but this book was made from the notes of William Sloane, a tough editor who passed away about 25 years ago. Supprisingly there was a single copy in my school library and not one in the VPL. It was also an early print and wasn't taken out since I was born. After reading this book, then reading my previous writing, I tossed the crap I wrote before and started writing anew. I went through 2 attempts until I found something that worked, that is what I'm working on right now.

I only write through leisure and cant seem to write well during the day... yet. I've been working on breaking that cycle and altogether writing more. I have some examples to show, but I'll post them tomorrow.

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