Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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Behind The Black Hole

47 years it took to build. It looks like a pin, but truthfully, its size would convince you it dwarfs planets. The length of the immense device would be immeasurable, since the tip is immensely thin, it is invisible but to a microscopic level. Reamblade they call it, as it pierces reality, or as the optimistic scientists say “it opens the door”. Smooth as it is, touching it would give no feeling as it has no faults. Only ice could compare as it robs your flesh of life with its searing cold. To me it resembles Death, so cold, so subtle, so fearful. I am the captain to take this vessel through the rift soon to be born, and it is my duty to lead mankind to the new frontier. The perfectly straight but devious spear moved forward. A view from the side would show it disappearing as if it moved behind a wall we could not see, while it tore a hole large enough for us to pass through. As we passed, darkness took everything. Death came and we were born again into another plane of existence seemingly identical to the other. Was my pessimism incorrect? As sight returned to us, I looked back to where we came and saw nothing, not even the stars. We created a rift, a hole, a vicious black hole, destroyer of everything. We stood in fear as warnings screamed at us. Like a greedy child, it wanted us back as it pulled us to oblivion. We watched nearby stars crumble and veer into nothing, like a last meal, we watched and cried for our sin.

I wrote this for a basic English class assignment, completely blew the expectations, I think I got 12/10 on that one.

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  1. im following ur blog :D! i feel special now that ive inspired you to start a blog!